Bernd Kursawe – About me

My name is Bernd Kursawe and I’m interested in computer science for more than 35 years.

The beginning

I started with a TI-59 at school and did my first programming steps in an assembler-like language. The next logical step was to study computer science. My university was in Dortmund (Germany) and my special interest was Artificial Intelligence.

During the academic studies I already worked as a developer and in all the years since then I never lost my fascination for the art of development.

Development experience

During the years I learned a lot of programming languages and until today I think it is important for every developer to learn at least every 2 years a new one. Every language will change your point of view to a problem and the more you know the more elegant your solutions will be. There are a lot of „jumps“ in my learning curve, coming from assembler to basic I learned about naming, loops and structures; Pascal gave modules to me. The next jump was C++ with object orientation. It was so similar to C but also so different. Java showed me the drawbacks of C++ e.g. memory management vs. garbage collection.

Although I learned functional languages like LISP during my studies I recognized the true potential of this paradigm when I learned Scala. Now I’m very happy with Kotlin which combines the elegance of Scala with a more simple and understandable syntax.

Independent of any programming language I’ve learned programming principles like Design Pattern or Clean Code, either by reading books or more painful by myself.

Reason for writing

The world is moving (and it is moving really fast) and you as a developer can’t stand still. Enjoy the change because it will make you a wiser and more experienced woman / man. But I believe that this is only possible when everybody share their knowledge with each other. So I’ve decided to make a first step and share my knowledge with you.


Bernd Kursawe