Spring Boot Initializr possibilities

The easiest way to create a new Spring Boot project is the Initializr (http://start.spring.io). In this blog I want to show you how easy it is to create new projects with this tool.

Initializr - http://start.spring.ioYou can choose the following options:

  • Build system (Maven / Gradle)
  • Spring Boot version (if you chose a 2.x-SNAPSHOT you can use Spring Framework 5 features)
  • Group and artifact
  • Dependencies (you have to know the name like Web, Actuator or JPA – in the full screen version all dependencies are shown at the bottom)
  • Additional In the full screen version:
    • name, description, package name
    • packaging (jar / war)
    • java version (1.6, 1.7, 1.8)
    • language (Java / Groovy / Kotlin)

When you have chosen all Spring Boot Starters you start the creation process by clicking „Generate Project“. This produces a zip file that will be automatically downloaded. Unzip the project in your favorite IDE and start coding.

The project contains a basic class with the @SpringBootApplication annotation and the main method. A first test class checks the context loading of Spring.

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